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Photomath is one of the world’s most popular mobile educational apps with over 80 million downloads. It is constantly among top 5 educational apps on both iOS and Android app stores.

Since it is completely developed from our proprietary software our focus is on continuous improvement, both technology and content wise. Our vision is to become the number one place for learning math worldwide. Photomath is organised in several teams:

Math engine team

Math content development for Photomath is based on our own math language which in combination with C++ language simulates human approach to math problem solving. Main focus is on correct display of math problem solving steps, and with that, the possibility to make changes in each step. In addition, the app displays textual explanation of each step.

App development team

App development team collaborates tightly with Math engine team and Microblink’s Research team in order to develop the app for mobile platforms. Our goal is to provide flawless customer and educational experience with supported localization (application supports 20 world languages).

We accomplish that by careful selection of technologies, writing robust and optimized code, deep understanding of development tools and paying a great deal of attention to details.

Products’ focus is on main mobile platforms iOS and Android and although we use a variety of programming languages, C++, Objective-C and Java are used the most.

Math content team

Math content team is a team of math experts that is focused on determining the math content which will be covered by the app. Since Photomath is an educational app, we pay a great deal of attention to structure of math content in order to be as similar as possible to learning methods in schools.

Quality assurance

Providing the flawless customer and educational experience requires quality data analysis and thorough frontend and backend testing of Photomath application. Both of these processes are basis for making decisions regarding new app development plans.

Human resources

A fast growing team like ours needs a quality HR support. Our HR’s main focus is on maintaining high quality processes in areas like recruitment and selection, new employee orientation, education and development, internal communication and employee welfare.

Career opportunities

We are carefully working to build a team of passionate, diverse and talented people in an open and stimulating environment. We believe the best results are achieved by working in small teams that tightly work together. We are proud of our achievements and we want to maintain the same culture that created them.

We are constantly looking for people who have excelled in their work, with their projects or their student work, but we are not exclusive when it comes to criteria - the best work results are the outcome of different experiences, viewpoints and ideas.

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Check-out our currently open positions or leave an open application if your interests are slightly different. We are constantly growing and investing in new talent. At Photomath, a passion for both code quality and user experience is a winning combination. If you’re not exactly there yet, don’t worry!

You will learn it fast once you start hanging out with us :)