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Math Engine Software Engineer

(f/m) - Zagreb, Cro office

We are an EdTech company whose mobile app is constantly the most popular educational app in the US and one of the top education apps globally, with over 100 million downloads.

Photomath app is based on our own optical character recognition technology and our own math engine system which recognizes, solves and shows the solving steps for printed and handwritten math problems.

We constantly improve our app and add new features to offer Photomath users new ways to approach math learning. Our newest features focus on giving visual cues through graph solutions, recognizing and solving word math problems, and helping learn basics of math through animated step by step explanations.

We are developing our Math engine in C++ and internally developed math programming language to enable the development of new math content within the Photomath app. The goal of the Math engine is to simulate human approach to solving math problems so it results can be used by people of all ages to learn math in a meaningful way.

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Math Engine Software Engineer (f/m)

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