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Data Engineer

(f/m) - Zagreb, Cro office

We are an EdTech company whose mobile app is constantly the most popular educational app in the US and one of the top education apps globally, with over 100 million downloads. Photomath has offices in the US and Croatia.

The application is based on our own optical character recognition technology and our own math engine system which recognizes, solves and shows the solving steps for printed and handwritten math problems.

We constantly improve our app and recognize that persistent focus on constant improvements is crucial to Photomath remaining at the top of the list of the world’s educational apps and becoming the first choice for learning math.

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Data Engineer (f/m)

We understand and appreciate the value of data-informed decision making, and thus are looking to expand our team with a Data engineering professional who will help us bring our data-informed decision making to the next level.

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All of Photomath’s users already spent over 2.000 years using Photomath app.

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Send us your resume with an answer to the question “Why are you the Data Engineer we are looking for?” to